DEVRUS Technologies

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The Company

DEVRUS Technologies specializes in all aspects of System and Software Design and Development from initial design to product roll-out. Core Competencies include:
  • Software Development for eBusiness applications.
  • Java development including J2EE based enterprise applications using XML, XSLT, EJBs, and open source components.
  • Software Development using C/C++ in Windows (3.1,
  • TCP/IP communication including Windows WINSOCK and Unix Socket programming.
  • Internet protocols, applications, and standards including HTTP, SMTP, FTP, TELNET, etc.
  • Use of public and private key cryptography to protect communications.
  • Public key infrastructure technology including Nortel's Entrust.
  • Electronic commerce based on EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) X12.58 and X12.42 standards as well as EDI using Internet Technologies
  • General Security: COMSEC, EMSEC, Physical security and risk assessment.